Cables Replacement

Garage Door Cable Replacement Services

Cables – The garage door mechanism is built from few different vital parts, one of the most important parts for the proper and safe garage door operation of the garage door is the garage door cable. With some malfunction parts in the garage door mechanism you can still keep using your garage door for a while (even though it is not optimal) when you are having broken garage door cables you won’t be able to use your garage door at all, you’ll be stuck and trying fixing yourself just can result more harm.

Garage door cables replacement is a dangerous task for anyone that is not professional and having the proper tools for the task, the garage door cables are under strong tension that can result injuries when is not released as it should be when fixing it.

In residential properties the price that we are charging for our broken garage door cable replacement service is between 59 to 69 per cable (depends on the size of the door) plus our flat labor fee of 85.

In some cases when the cables are very old, our professional tech will recommend to replace both cables (even if only one of them is actually torn) in some other cases if the second cable can still be in use for a while the tech will not recommend to replace it so you can save some money on the repair.

In case you are deciding to replace both cables (it is the right decision in the majority of the cases) as part of our great service you will receive 5 years warranty for the cables so can be sure that you will not have to deal with any garage door cables problems in the near future.

To enjoy our great same day garage door cable replacement service just pick up the phone and call us to Garage Door Repair Centennial CO at (720) 445-4524 and schedule an appointment.